• How do I use the Mach 2 Speed Car Wash Towel?

    Dunk the towel into a bucket of car wash. If it is heavier than you would like when it comes out then run it through your hand to remove some excess liquid (we like it heavy the first time as we put it on the roof and it has an egg cracking effect of putting suds all over the car).

    Use large circular motions on large areas such as the roof or hood. Use two hands when needed on the sides/windows etc.

    Hold the bulk in one hand and use the other for cleaning lower areas of your car - to prevent it from hitting the ground.

    Rinse as necessary and repeat!

  • Why don't you just sell a wash glove?

    The idea for the Mach 2 Speed Car Wash towel came from using a chenile wash glove on an Audi seven-seater SUV. We realised that the only reason that we used a glove was "becuase we did". There had to be a better way.

    The Mach 2 is the equivalent of six or more wash gloves at once. You can wash the roof or hood of your vehicle in a sweep or two rather than many.

    We also improved the fabric to make it much softer than a typical glove and gave it the ability to hold 8-10x its weight in water.

  • What is the Mach 2 fabric?

    It's 100% microfiber a blend that we keep secret as it is unique to us.

    The weave is called chenille and we prefer it for cleaning as grit is far less likely to stay on the outside of the fibers. Hence, it is far safer than a shag pile, sponge or flatter weave product.

  • How do I wash my Mach 2?

    Machine wash (with no laundry detergent) and tumble dry separately is the absolute best way to wash you Rapid Dry Towels.

    Donโ€™t use bleach, iron, or use fabric softener (incl. dryer sheets). You don't need to anyway.

    It's best to keep microfiber and regular fabrics separate when you wash/dry. Microfiber won't create lint. But the lint from regular fabrics could get into the microfiber weave - and then it won't be the 100% scratch free microfiber that you are after.

    Note that the Mach 2 comes out of the washing machine practically dry (from the spin cycle) so further drying may not be required.

  • How scratch resistant is my Mach 2?

    Very. We chose chenille for our fabric weave as dirt/grit should find its way to the center of the towel and not the fingers of chenille.

    But, check your towel for dirt and other foreign objects prior to each use. Remember, the cloth is scratch resistant but that little stone isn't.

  • How long will my Mach 2 last?

    500+ machine washes and tumble dries. It really is a great fabric. Honestly.

  • Is the Mach two too heavy when it absorbs water?

    It can be - however you can run it through your hand (in the shape of a fist) to quickly and easily squeeze liquid from it. You can therefore make it as heavy, or light, as you prefer.

  • What are other uses for Mach 2s?

    We use them to remove the bulk of morning dew from vehicles, boats and aircraft before using an Original 2.0 to finish the dry.

    You can use them to dry your hair, or even your pet's hair! They are quick and reduce frizz. We didn't design them that way - they just are!

    Try putting some detergent in them for house window cleaning. Wash the windows quickly with the Mach 2 and then use an Original 2.0 to clean and dry the windows streak and scratch free.

    There must be more so please tell us how you use them?