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1. How do I wash my Rapid Dry Towel?

Any way you like really.

I think the best way is to throw it in the washing machine - I do a short cycle as I'm impatient. I use cold water, but you can use up to 80C/176F. Spin it as fast as you like within reason - 1400 rpm does the trick in my washing machine. Then I use the dryer on any setting.

But, don’t bleach, iron, or use fabric softener (incl. dryer sheets). You don't need to anyway.

It's best to keep microfiber and regular fabrics separate when you wash/dry. Microfiber won't create lint. But the lint from regular fabrics could get into the microfiber weave - and then it won't be the 100% scratch free microfiber that you are after.

2. What is the Rapid Dry fabric?

It's 100% microfiber (80% polyester, 20% polyamide).

It's a special weave that I found to be the best in testing. Some people thought I was crazy using such a high quality fabric as it was designed for drying people not cars. I told them "that's the point of Rapid Dry Towels".

You will know if I find a better fabric for drying cars. I will create The Original Take Two.

3. How long will it take me to dry my car?

Answer - a lot quicker than without.

I've seen a Porsche 911 dried in 3.5 minutes without trying to rush.

Want to win a free Rapid Dry Towel?

Send me your time and video evidence of you drying your prized possession. The fastest time of the month gets a free Original Rapid Dry Towel. Our word is final on who we deem to be quickest though - we get that cars are different sizes.

Send your times and videos to:

4. How scratch resistant is my Rapid Dry Towel?

Very. But, check your towel for dirt and other foreign objects prior to each use - or after each wash like me. Remember, the cloth is scratch resistant but that little twig isn't.

5. How long will my Rapid Dry Towel last?

Hundreds of washes. It really is a great fabric. Honestly.

6. Is The Original Rapid Dry Towel too cumbersome when it absorbs water?

No - it's definitely different than the wash cloth sized chamois that you pick up at the auto repair shop.

But you will find a new drying rhythm when you use it for the first time.

I use the full size for the roof, hood etc and fold it for the more intricate areas.

You can always put some of it over your shoulder too.

Any questions or suggestions - fire away at

7. Will a Rapid Dry Towel dry my Range Rover / Hummer H1 / Sherman Tank?

Absolutely, but I recommend that you buy two for a large SUV (or more for the tank).

I tried to make a towel that would wash any sized vehicle in one but the problem is that they get just too big and heavy.

The trick to speedier drying is no wringing out. So two will do the trick nicely on that Rangey.

Note... Same goes for your P51 Mustang, Yak-52, L-39 Albatross, F14 Tomcat...

8. Will a Rapid Dry Towel dry my boat?

You betcha. It will be lightening quick at that too. See above if your boat is called the USS or HMS Something though as you may need more than one.

9. Why are you always mixing US English and English English?

Firstly, great question. Honestly, I get a little confused as I'm a Kiwi (New Zealander) who spent ten years in the United States. I can get a little lost between my microfiber and microfibres. Just bear with me - you'll get used to it.

10. Did you really need to use the "Size Does Matter" tagline? Isn't it a bit, well, rude?

Yeah, I've been asked that a couple of times. So, I was looking for three little words that would get my big idea across... Simple as that. Happy to change it... Send your suggestions to

11. If Rapid Dry Towels had a theme song what would it be?

Again, great question. These are just getting better.