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The Finisher (40x70cm) 3-pack - Rapid Dry Towels

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Get more of the best.

The Finisher is the perfect complement to The Original Rapid Dry Towel or a standalone towel for your motorcycle or car’s glass and interior.

The Finisher was originally designed for finishing those last pesky drips and giving your car the shine that you want and it deserves. 

Please note: We do not recommend The Finisher for drying cars without a Rapid Dry Towels Original towel as well.

Three incredibly absorbent 40 x 70cm (~15.5 x27.5in). Rapid Dry Towels.


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Nice Multi-Buy

Good multi-buy, but would be better as a two pack, three is just too much.

What a Tim Saver

Saves sooo much time


I just tried out my Rapid Dry Towel and on the whole I am impressed. The Finisher is good to finish off small spots. The large Rapid Dry Towel only just did my small sports car so I am not sure it will do my ute. It was however a look quicker to dry off the car.

Awesome Companion to the Towel

As the name says these are the perfect companion to the towel. Perfect to finish drying my car under the bonnet, along the door wells and the inner parts of the rear hatch.

Excellent Quality Items

I was sceptical at first however straight out of the bag. both the Finisher cloths and rapid dry towel performed to task. I was amazed how much water the towel holds. The finisher cloths I have used for door jams and interior. Fantastic product that actually delivers as advertised. I thought the Rapid Towel would be too big but now using it a few times is perfect as it will do the whole car no problems.
Keep up the great work and will be keen to see if you decide to introduce new products.