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Love it

Used the towel the very same day it arrived. Had both Hands on it drying simultaneously and within minutes my ranger was dry and streak free. No more chamois for me

Rapid dry towels

Obviously I did get a rapid towel for our car and was sceptical about how good the promotion was. After 1st use I was astonished at how good it was.. It cut down drying time by around 75%..we have a large car and it did get quite wet. I will be ordering another.

Best thing ever.

It is true that it dries up your car 10 times quicker than your normal chamois. Highly recommend it, I ended up ordering the “Finisher" towels as well so much i was impressed.

Great Towel - it was amazing

Great towel, I was amazed how quick and easy I used it, and also how the car cleaned up so nicely.

The Best Dry Towels Ever

Firstly the order which was delivered had missing towels, and when reached out to Richard he was kind enough to look at the order and send the missing towels. Now that is Top Notch customer service and satisfaction. 5 Stars to that :)
The dry towels work exactly the way they are supposed too and perform really well. Happy and delighted customer after buying the product :)

NEW! The Mach 2 Speed Car Wash Towel


Very happy with this product


Very happy with purchase. Will buy again.


quality item works really well on my cars and truck highly recommend

wash towel

quality item, washes well , would prefer it to be 1/2 the size.

Bloody awesome product


It does dry the car very quickly.Very good product,would highly recommend.

Amazing Towel

Dried the entire car without a problem no need to wring it out
Ive ordered two more

As Advertised

Both the washer and dryer towels are bloody fantastic...ask my Merc

Great product

Easy to use and works well

As Advertised

They work...nothing else to be said

Excellent Quality Product

The Original is great for large areas and recommend also purchasing the smaller towel for finishing.

Towel for Present.

The towel was purchased for a birthday present for a family member, not used as yet.

Worth every cent!

Excellent product, works amazingly well!

Rapid dry towels are the real deal

Only used once so far but this towel took me less than two minutes to streak free dry my car in one go. Blew my mind.

Great Product

I could not wait try this new towel and it worked exactly as described. Would I recommend it? ABSOLUTELY.

Awesome product

Rapid Dry Towel works great , very fast process to dry vehicle after washing and no lint like a standard towel.


Very happy with the RDT and the Finishers. Everything they promote and promised - excellent products and will never have to use a chamois again.

Unbelievable product

Results are much higher then I expected. I got a black car and I couldn’t believe how fast I dried it off with the towel with perfect results. No watermarks and no swirl make. Amazing product.

Instant win

Having just bought my new car I was struck by the flawless appearance of the shiny exterior. On the first wash, this lustre was immediately lost through watermarks and streaks. The Rapid Dry arrived promptly from NZ and I couldn’t wait to test it out. I wasn’t disappointed! It got quite heavy straight away as it lifted all the moisture from the car. No scrubbing or effort- simply thrown into the bonnet and pulled away. I love it. The shine is remarkable. What a great buy. I’ve had to stop my surfing kids from taking it to the beach and filling it with sand. I guess it might not have quite the same effect if that happened!