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Best Shammy Ever

I was sceptical about buying this towel as there is so much rubbish being sold on the internet, but this was not one of them.
I wash my car often and drying it used to be the time consumer, using the Rapid dry towel it takes me literally a few minutes, no streaks, no wringing time after time, it is the best shammy I have ever owned and also bought one for the Wife.
I will be getting a smaller one for the interior.

Awesome product. No need to pre squeegee the worst of the water off first. Highly recommended!

Christmas prezzie not used yet Cheers

Rapid dry towel

Dries super quick and smear free. saves me a lot of time.

Very happy with this nice big towel. So much so I ordered another for a Xmas present for my son in law.

Fast to dry

I got these drying towels because it looked quick to wash our 2 vehicles after using a chamois for many years, I am so much happier now that I have the rapid dry towel especially getting the job done faster. I purchased 2 but thinking I like to by another for when I wash our dog.

The best on the market Car drying towels

Excellent drying towel, heaps better than those ridiculous shamies
Will be buying more AAAAA

Great Towel - Does all it promises to do

Bought the rapid dry towel and tried it as soon as I got home. Single wipe of the wet areas of the car and they were instantly dry. The towel dried the entire car and was still not saturated. Great car washing accessory that will get lots of use.

The Original 150x75cm Rapid Dry Towel


Prefer using the 3 small ones much easier

Great product

Great product, big enough to dry my Ranger with ease.

Dries the whole car - no scratches - ready to go again next day when left to air dry overnight. Highly recommend

Works well

Happy with my purchase
Able to dry a good size suv.
Price a wee bit high but sure it will be offered cheaper once more competitors in this market

Great towel. Saves you a lot of time.

I was sceptical, but....

Worked like a dream, just as promised.
Its size, means it will dry the car in one effort.
Great idea.


Very absorbent, it glides on my paint and makes drying a car a breeze!
No streaks which means more shine!!

amazing towels

Towels work perfectly, in fact, better than I would have thought. I'm very impressed

Great towels

We liked them so much we brought 1 for our son and the latest one has been sent to Vermont in USA

Made in China

Misleading, I didn’t want a Chinese product.

The Original 150x75cm Rapid Dry Towel

Thanks for the great service I haven’t had s chance to use the rapid towels yet


Awesome towels - grabbed two of them!

Overpaid and under delivered

Dissatisfied with delivery as I had to collect from Hamilton 2 days after paid courier should have delivered to the door then product was very average in my opinion leaving streaks

The Rapid Dry Towel really does fulfill all that it purports to.
It's a real pleasure to use, therefore encourages me to clean the Car much more often!

The Original 150x75cm Rapid Dry Towel