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Rapid Dry Towels

product Looks real good have not tried yet but think it will work very well

Fantastic drying towel

Wow very surprised how well this towel works and soaked away all the water off my car without wringing it out, highly recommended.

Hi I need to receive them 1st, still 6days away

Really good

Finally had a chance to use the towels today. Both the wash towel and the large drying towel. Fantastic!


Use them all the time .
Recommend them to all my friends and relatives

Super quick super dry , 👍🥰🇦🇺 .p

What a great product , 👍🥰🍺🇦🇺 .

Brilliant Towels

These are brilliant drying towels m, best I’ve used. Shipping was really quick too

Rapid Dry Towel

The rapid dry towel works great now my partner wants one for her car big thumbs up


Simply sensational.

Rapid Dry they are

Ordered two (150x75cm) of these and used them - excellent at the job, best I've used, and I'm picky. They are big, so be careful to not pick up dirt etc and scratch the paint job. They - well one - did my whole Wagon and dried it off. Really awesome how they hold and don't release the water while drying.

The towels themselves do then take a while to dry - but that is to be expected.

Very impressed. Might just get a couple of the smaller ones for the Glass.

Simply the best!

Never thought I’d find something as good as this, it really does the job!

Dryed 2 car with 1 towel

This is great towel dryed my Carnival and my Navara with 1 towel.


Totally blown away by this product, it’s so frickin good. But I must say it takes a little longer than 90 seconds to dry my bimmer, but still much quicker than using a chamois

Empire Limousines

The towels are a little better than others I have tried, I'am washing and drying stretched limousines only getting half the car done before it starts to be to wet to be any good, I do squeeze it out but still have to finish car with the conventional chamois just to get the streaks off.
One thing I did notice on all our cars especially the black ones was a sandy residue when we first used the towels, should the towels have been washed first before using them?
I also bought the Rapid wash sponges, they do a great job on the roofs, bonnet and boot when it comes to doing the sides of the cars they feel to be a bit big and awkward to use possibly 3/4 of its size would have been better, I find folding it in half to do the sides easier and gives me better control especially on the lower parts of the car.
Empire Limousines.


Can not recommend these enough! Amazing. No streaks - it just absorbs everything. Marvellous. Works well on the dog as well.

Perfect towels

I got 2 perfect towels just before xmas I have a house with lots of large windows.always have trouble cleaning them tried using them on windows works best ever . Thank you for a great product. Pat


Hi yes have used it only once and it is the best thing since slice bread

Rapid Dry Towel

Used for the first time and did the job nicely!

Was most impressed with your service. Tracking number sent within 2 days of ordering , and particularly being sent a message the morning of the day it was delivered. Thankyou for great service.


Excellent service and fast delivery

Happy customer

Works a treat

Great product

This product just does what you need. Best towel I've used

Rapid Dry Towel

I am able to dry the whole car with the one towel. Very happy with it.

product true to description

works brilliantly , even better than I thought it would be

The Mach 2

Very happy with the Mach 2 washing towel. It’s the perfect accompaniment to my Rapid dry towel. Both very nice products. I’ve never had a drying product over the last 40 years that can dry a whole car without wringing out. I fully recommend these products.