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Rapid dry towel

Amazing best drying towl l have ever bought can't recommend enough excellent drying towl

The Original 2.0 Car Drying Towel

I've tried all types of different drying towels. This is by far the best one I've used. It does the job and no need to wring out. Highly recommend.

Absolutely love it

This is a great product and is far better than any chamois I had ever used. You can dry the entire car without drying the towel out. It slides a lot easier and leaves no streaks or marks. You can then just chuck it on a drying rack or line and it is done for your next wash. Way worth the money.

The Finisher
Neville Boyle
Dry Vehicles quickly

I have 5 Vehicle's and drying them is great

excellent towels

Highly recommened

Quick Dry

These towels are fantastic & do exactly as the say. We have 4 cars & drying them off now is a pleasure no longer a chore. Take it from me, if you have a car you need one of these towels. Magic.

2.0 car drying towel

Works as indicated.

Amazing Product

Amazing product, works just as it should
Save so much time on getting your car dry

Best Value For Money

Best car drying towel I have had ever. Will definitely recommend

I used it for the first time yesterday and I love it no scratches or swirling so quick and easy to use

Life Changing

I wash my car every Sunday and take enormous pride in it. I have used shammees all my life, from when I was a little and used to help dad wash his car up until now when I am able to wash my own car. I love to wash cars however I always dreaded drying the car. Shammees always leave little pieces of lint and streaks as well as barley even dry the car. My first time using the rapid dry towel I was with a few friends all washing our cars, I laid the towel on the roof and pulled it towards me, the entire roof was literally dried within one sweep. No word of a lie my 3 friends immediately grabbed their phones and each ordered a rapid dry towel. We couldn’t get over how well and quickly it dried the car. I have purchased many car products in my lifetime however I believe this has been the greatest purchase of all. I Couldn’t be happier!!!

Soaked it up

Worked exactly as promotional info suggested, it’s the genuine thing. May have solved Xmas present problem for some.

Rapid dry towel

Best dry towel I've ever used
Beats any trying towel on the market
Dried my commodore within 15 minutes no ringing was required
Very happy with your drying towel 😀 😄

The Original 2.0 Car Drying Towel
Jeffree Marie Charlotte
The best dry towel I ever owned

It saved me time using this towel. Thank you to whoever invented this super absorbent towel and my car is shiny after using it. I even got compliments from my family and friends on how clean and shiny my car is.

Awesome Product

They do as they say highly recommend !!!

The best purchase I've ever made

These towels are simply amazing! They wash and dry my car to perfection, and I would 100% recommend them to everyone.

Rapid Dry Towel

Yes, it sure is a rapid dry towel. Leaves a nice shine on your car. When finished drying your car, just hang the towel out on the clothesline to dry.

Great product

The Rapid Dry Towel makes car washing so much easier and much less frustrating compared to a chamois. Great to receive a product that does what it says it will do.

The Finisher 3-pack
Gary Peterson

I had just bought my dream car and normally wash it myself for the first few weeks until the novelty wears off . Having bought rapid dry towels it makes the toughest job of drying the easiest . The novelty has not and will not wear off and I’m telling anyone who cares to listen to me to purchase them . Nothing but brilliant!

She’s a beauty!

Best absorbent towel I’ve ever owned. Easily dang it over/around the car and you’re done in one lap. You won’t regret your purchase, I promise 👍🏼


Tried this product based on friend’s advise. I have been using over a month now and it certainly exceeded my expectation every time

The Original 2.0 Car Drying Towel

Great product and lived up to expectations

Got the towel on a friend's recommendation. Having used a chamois for many years, the Rapid Dry was amazing - dries the car without rinsing or wringing out water. Slight downside is that it does get heavy after absorbing all the water. However, very pleased with the purchase.


Shipping a bit slow. but I would buy from them again as there towels are heaps better than chamois

Amazing brilliant will never use anything else