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Amazing amazing product!

Bought this from Mag & Trubo New Lynn just today and the service there was very friendly and amazing! Came straight and washed my truck and man,.. this is the bomb! I have never experienced this kinda dry towel before and I'm happy I bought this. Do yourself a favour if you're reading this, stop reading and buy one already, you will not regret it!

They are the best thing fir drying the car I have just had the car done by eye candy Adelaide with two coats of ceramic 10 min to clean the car love it Steve

Excellent product.

Best thing I ever bought. I have two towels and they finish of my commodore just right. Buy one today, you will love it !

Drying Towel

Works really well and does as advertised. Only comment I would make is that when its wet it becomes heavy to handle for my girl so we have cut it in half and machined a hem on it - perfect

loveeee it

not much to say. it works amazingly well. just as described, i love it. whole car is dry after using the main towel and the small ones, ill defiantly be back

Awaiting arrival of new Ferrari. Towel still in the bag!

Rapid Dry Towels

Works & Dries water much easier no smearing

Doesn’t work 100 % in cold conditions

Super shiny car

Ease of use with this product, no lint bits left behind, SUV sized car and towel was still kinda dry. Car looks way cleaner after using this rather than letting it air dry. I cant believe I didnt get one sooner. I am hooked

High quality towels

These towels do what they say as long as there isn't much water beaded on the car. Customer service is also second to none.

Awesome Product

Drys car instantly as described and non scratching.

Very good product

Absorbs a lot of water, still need 3 of them to dry a hilux and finish off with the detail towel.


Great product, worked beautifully, no mess, no streaks, could almost do 2 cars with 1 cloth.

Fantastic Product

Very good product that performs exactly as promised. Streak free drying guaranteed in as little as 2 mins for the entire car. Great to use after a drive through car wash to remove the last drops or streaks and leaves glass perfectly clear and streak free.

Rapid dry towel

Absolutely great product- one wipe over the car and the car was dry. Couldn’t believe how good it worked!

The Original 150x75cm Rapid Dry Towel

The Original 150x75cm Rapid Dry Towel

Towels are awesome used 1 today on my 66 impala made it a breeze to dry such a big car without the need to ring the towel out 5 stars...

Better Than I Anticipated

I purchased a Rapid Dry Towel thinking it would be another Mass Produced overpriced Rubbish Product. Well I was wrong! The towel does exactly what it shows in the video. Far better than a expensive chamois. Would I recommend it or buy another one. Yes I would. Great product for car lovers.

Excellent product

Great product works really well.

The Original 150x75cm Rapid Dry Towel

Quality is good

For some reason, one was not enough for my X3. Had to use another drying cloth to finish it off. But yeah, quality is good.

Does what is says it will do

Excellent product and does what is says on the pack, made drying my car a quick and easy process with a great outcome.