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Towels are amazing and work as advertised

Great purchase

Love washing my car now I have these towels, so much easier now.

The Finisher
Tracy Williams
Great for drying shower

I bought one large for the cars and two small for the showers.
My husband says it cuts down the time to dry the car and is amazing. And drying the shower is so easy. Much easier than using the squidgy.
Would recommend them

Coaster /glasses cloth

These little things are the best cloths for cleaning glasses they don’t smudge or smear, if you want to see the world more clearly these are the wee gems you need, rapid dry towels really are the best on the market I recommend them to everyone 👓

Fantastic Product

This product is fantastic. Just brought a second one to ensure I always have one in the car.

The Finisher 3-pack
Hellen McLachlan
Awesome towels

We bought the Rapid Dry Towels to dry down the glass on our shower screens every time they are used. We have never used anything so good. Super absorbent. My husband also uses them to duty off the car after washing. Love it


Works as its says. Hot rod had heavy dew on and rapid dry towel dried it leaving no streaks. Very impressed. Ordered a 2nd one as coming up going away to a few shows and car will be outside needed to be dried every day. Have recommended to all our car friends.

It works!

Very easy to use & heaps easier than a chamois on a dark car!

Excellent drying product. Works much better than I had expected.

Definitely dries better than any other product I’ve ever used. Works exactly as describes. No streaks. Pleasantly surprised and highly recommended.


Nothing I have ever used comes close.
They are even great on the house windows

The Original 2.0 Car Drying Towel

The Finisher
Alan Bates
Great Product

The Rapid Dry Towels allow me to spend more time detailing my car and less time drying it. It’s easy to use and super quick. I highly recommend it for any car lover.

The Finisher
Ash Browne
The finisher does its job

I am so glad that I ordered this finisher towel. It’s so much easier to manage than the larger super dry towel especially drying windows inside and outside as well as the final wipe over before the customer picks up their car

Great Product

I purchased a Mach 2 Speed Car Wash Towel and 2x Finisher towels a couple of weeks ago. Definitely reduced drying taken to dry my car. I find that I need all of the towels to dry the car (Mazda 3).

Amazing product

I had my reservations before purchasing, thinking it couldn’t be as good as the claims suggest. But absolutely blown away by the absorbency 🤯

Absolutely brilliant!

Super happy with the rapid try towels - they work so well and so quickly and absorb all the water on my car. Highly recommend.

Great product

The drying towel works as promoted and has shaved my car drying time in half with better results

Time is money.

We specialise in filming new cars. The cars we get are the first ones off the ship prior to there release here in Australia. So we detail them ready for filming and they have to be PERFECT.

I don’t normally review products but in this case I feel like I should.

The rapid dry towels are excellent! No streaks and super fast to use.
They work just as the advertising said and that is so often not the case.

If you love your car then these are a must have.


It works

It works

Worth the investment

Can dry my Ute under 2 minutes, highly recommend

Haven't received this yet. Ordered over 3 weeks ago

It's a wash towel

My experience is that the towell is too big - maybe ok if young and strong but try and manipulate it around the side panels and doors and it certainly is too heavy to use with comfort.

Is a good as it says!

I wash my car by hand and am always sceptical about car car products but these towels are different. I have never dried my car so quickly and without the risk of micro scratches as I just lay the towel over the panel and the water is soaked into the towel without movement. I would say this is exactly as it is advertised, which is quite unusual.

Beer coasters

Awesome product. Don't get wet patches on table any more.

Not just a sales gimmick

Work better than expected, definitely not just a sales gimmick. Only issue I’ve found is 1 large one is a big hard to deal with and the same amount of fabric but cut in half would be a bit more suitable.