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Our customers are our greatest advertisements! Still skeptical? Take a look at these verified customer reviews and check out how many skeptics have become Rapid Dry Towels believers!
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Rapid Dry Towels

I bought this item as a Xmas gift

Perfect Towels So A Perfect Gift

I LOVE my Rapid Dry Towels so much that I have purchased them for Christmas gifts

Car drying made easy. Works great

I now have two and have given three as gifts

Excellent for drying

I would recomend these towels as they make a terrific job in drying
the car no streaks

Spot free finish

The large, amazingly absorbent Rapid Dry towel, gets the job done quickly. All that's left to do is hang the towel out to dry ready for the next car clean.
The product was recommended to me by a cycling buddy who also happens to be a car-care fanatic. He won't drive his car in public if there is the slightest mark on it & he swears by Rapid Dry Towels as the key to the fine finish he gets on his cars. I'm a recent convert!

Excellent efficient service

Great product

Dries my car so much faster than anything else I’ve used. A great time-saver!

Awesome towels

The easiest way to dry your car, the towel is awesome

Rapid Dry Towel

Great product, maybe a little too big that’s all


Fantastic results as well as super quick. No streaks left on the glass and no wringing out required as advertised. Would recommend to everyone.

Rapid Dry Towels

Does the job as advertised really recommend this product


Excellent product

Got caught out with a promo with free finishing towel and got charged for it .my second towel good product but not happy with funny advertising


Works well but the finisher is required to finish the job

Gift time

I purchased the Rapid Dry Towel and Finisher cloth for my brother as a birthday present as he, like me like our cars clean and sparkling. He rang me to comment on how excellent the towel was and the finishing cloth too. Sadly I have not got a finishing cloth?

The finisher (three pack)

it's a great product. I can use it for interior to clean the dashboard, and on the outside, in the door jambs and in the tight corner, it's easy when it's smaller as well as the larger microfibre. Great stuff!

The Finisher (40x70cm) - Rapid Dry Towel

Absolutely Fantastic

Guys i love this towel! I wish i knew about it sooner!! I love it that much id sell it!!
Make my M3 sparkle!!

The Finisher (40x70cm) - Rapid Dry Towel


Thanks for making cleaning the car a joy and not a drag cheers


These towels are awesome. The little finisher towels are excellent for exactly that, the finishing touches. Absolutely the best and fastest way to dry and care for your vehicle with no scratching. Highly recommended.

Gift for a sceptic

The towel was for my brother, who like me enjoys washing his vehicles making them shiny and presentable. However he doubted my claims the Rapid Dry Towel actually does what it claims. We now have a believer