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The Finisher
The Finisher
The Finisher
The Finisher

Rapid Dry Towels

The Finisher

The Finisher

$29.95 NZD

$29.95 NZD

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The Finisher is the perfect complement to The Original Rapid Dry Towel or a standalone towel for your motorcycle or car’s glass and interior.

The Finisher was originally designed for finishing those last pesky drips and giving your car the shine that you want and it deserves. 

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  • What is the difference between the Finisher and the Original 2.0 Car Drying Towel?

    The Finisher is a quarter sized version of the Original 2.0. It is the same Rapid Dry Channel Weave fabric that is optimized for drying however it is designed for smaller jobs or finishing the dry if the Original 2.0 becomes too saturated.

  • How do I wash my Finisher?

    Machine wash (with no laundry detergent) and tumble dry separately is the absolute best way to wash you Rapid Dry Towels.

    Don’t use bleach, iron, or use fabric softener (incl. dryer sheets). You don't need to anyway.

    It's best to keep microfiber and regular fabrics separate when you wash/dry. Microfiber won't create lint. But the lint from regular fabrics could get into the microfiber weave - and then it won't be the 100% scratch free microfiber that you are after.

  • What is the Rapid Dry fabric?

    It's 100% microfiber.

    It's a special weave and unique blend that we found to be the best in testing. Some people thought we were crazy using such a high quality fabric. But that is the point of Rapid Dry Towels...

    Our first channel weave fabric took four weeks to develop. Our latest (Original 2.0) fabric took four years and is different to any other microfiber on sale today.

  • Can a Finisher dry my entire car?

    No. It is designed for smaller jobs and finishing off larger jobs after using an Original 2.0.

  • Is a Finisher good for my motorcycle?

    Yes - it’s actually called the Finisher/Biker. It will dry your bike, shine any chrome, carbon, plastic, fiber glass, dials - you name it.

    We’ve even had a customer reach out to let us know that he puts his around his neck below his helmet when he gets caught in the rain to prevent water dripping down his back…

  • How scratch resistant is my Rapid Dry Towel?

    Very. But, check your towel for dirt and other foreign objects prior to each use - or after each wash like me. Remember, the cloth is scratch resistant but that little twig isn't.

  • How long will my Rapid Dry Towel last?

    500+ machine washes and tumble dries. It really is a great fabric. Honestly.

  • What are other uses for my Finisher?

    Use it around the house - windows, shower glass, as a tea towel, spills, polishing - you name it.

    Keep one just for your car wheels.

    Use it to dry your hair (or your pet).

    You will find endless uses and because you can simply machine wash and dry it will be ready for the next use - perfectly clean and like new.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 170 reviews
Alexa Cridge
excellently absorbent

I have a similar one from Europe and am so happy to find this towel. Have now bought 3 Rapid Dry towels, one for each area needed in the home. Excellent for preventing water marks on the shower walls, glass and joinery

Rapid dry towel…..AMAZING!!!

My husband just received his towel and went and washed the car straight away. Came inside and asked how much I paid for this cloth and said it’s worth every cent! Love love loved how there was no wringing out required even on a big car (Everest). He said it absolutely lived up to its promise and now we have purchased another for a present. Great product that won’t disappoint, thanks 😊

John Ratcliffe
Excellent product

Worked really well. Best thing I’ve bought for cleaning my car.


I use them every day for our window cleaning business. For cleaning joinery. They are the best cloths I've ever used and they don't drip or make a mess.

Rapid dry towel

Amazing best drying towl l have ever bought can't recommend enough excellent drying towl